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Barcelona through my camera pt. 1

When it's cold home in Haugesund, and you travel to Spain.. Ah. It was amazing meeting Spain and the 23 degrees. Before we took the plane home, which is always sad, my dad and I went jogging along the beach. Hotter than I'm used to when I usually workout! Anyway, it was a very nice experience. And it's not that crowded when it's this early. Here is a picture of us. We decided to make it a little funny..

I just started this blog after updating my life on for 4 years, and for 1 year. Something happend with the website, a virus or something that I couldn't fix. Therefore I had to have something with "silver" in the blogname. I just like it. Silvermoon was born.. *dramatic music* You will learn more about me the next days and weeks. If you want me to make a blogpost where I tell you about myself, give me response! Part 2 is coming up!

Aaand the reason I write in english is because 1) I like the language 2) I learn more words etc. 3) I hopefully get international readers.

Have you been to Barcelona?

- Marthe